• 12th August 2016

    How to Choose Tiles That Work With Your Stunning Digital Power Showers

    Selecting tiles for your bedroom or the sitting hall is easier as you have a varied choice. However, while doing the same for bathrooms, the choices are limited as factors like slip resistance, shower design and strength of the mineral come into consideration. Throwing some light on some of these factors…


    Size and cutting of the tile

    A shower bench is in trend these days and for such a setting, smaller tiles are preferred. Along with that tiles’ backside needs to be in completely in contact with the concrete to ensure least slipperiness. But if you prefer large size tiles for the bathroom area so as to go well with the rest of the home flooring, don’t forget that larger tiles will mean lesser grout lines and thus lesser floor resistance. Thus, while choosing a larger tile, don’t forget to consider the slip resistance rating. For latest power showers and digital showers.

    For a shower bench, curvy designs look great as these render a soothing touch to the interior. And for a perfect curve, small tiles are favorable. Using small tiles would mean lesser cutting required and smoother curve cutting. However, if you have seniors or kids at home, you also need to consider their comfort and ease of use. In that case, a flat slab bench would be more comfortable to sit on. Remember to have a rounded convex edge so that it feels good and doesn’t hurt. For such benches, tile size is not an issue.


    Material type and mineral content

    A common choice in small sized tiles is the mosaic tile. These tiles have always been in great demand due to the flexibility of designing and the splendid look these offer. Whether you are thinking of installing the contemporary power showers or the stunning digital showers in your bathing area, mosaic tiles would fuse remarkably into the look. Just make sure that the tiles offer absolute contact with the wall concrete for safety and seamless finish.

    Glass tiles are another great choice which offers incredible looks. Glass shares color and transparency as a common feature with water, thus the blend looks amazing. Still, working with large glass is hard as there is always a risk of moisture getting trapped behind the tiles and in case of glass, it will be clearly visible hampering the look a great deal. Rather, go for small colored glass tiles. You may opt for mixing different colors using which you can either make a pattern or choose a random layout.


    Going with the trends

    Highlighter tiles are all the rage this season as it is an inexpensive way to give a unique finish to your bathroom. You may either opt for printed tiles with similar color scheme as a highlighter for a wall or a section of a wall, or choose a completely different texture such as rock finish tiles. To dramatize the look even more, get your power showers or digital showers installed near to the highlighted column.

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