• 21st December 2016

    How to Choose Kitchen Taps and Other Accessories for a Modern Kitchen

    Homeowners of today invest a great deal into decorating the interiors of their homes. Of all the areas in the house where homeowners along with interior designers and decorators can use their skills, kitchens are the most important. Designers have proved that kitchens can stand out all by themselves when it is about the theme. If you have chosen bright and colorful home interiors, your kitchen can possess a minimalistic design whereas houses with classy interiors can have multi-colored kitchens.

    The latest kitchen designs are sleek, simple, handle-less layouts with glossy worktops and cabinet finish. Here are a few elements that render a contemporary look to your kitchen:

    Flat panel doors and windows

    Also known as slab door style, it is the most significant element for a modern kitchen. Unless your kitchen area is an open-ended one, a plain door painted with the color theme of your kitchen gives a beautiful modern as well as rustic look to the area.

    Sleek kitchen taps and accessories

    Accessories play a major role in contributing towards the all over look of the area. Kitchen taps and towel holders with a sleek formation and smooth finish are a primary choice for modern kitchens.

    Handle-less cabinets

    A modern kitchen look is the one that is plain and fuss free. The choice of cabinet handles matters a lot. Modern designers recommend tubular or flat linear handles. Another choice is that you can go handle-less with your cabinets. Such cabinet designs have an additional grip or a manual door opening system which is concealed giving a flawless look to the design. Additionally, you may also choose to build integrated sections into your cabinets to contain all your kitchen appliances and hardware.

    Plain tiles or glass backdrop

    Most part of the kitchen walls is generally covered with cabinets however the little space left represents the whole backdrop of the kitchen. The time of colorful printed tiles is all gone. Look for plain tiles or the ones with a continuous design. Glass is yet another amazing option for the kitchen backdrop as it offers the required lucidity to the layout.

    Drop the décor

    Traditional kitchens used to have a lot of décor in the kitchen area such as antique crockery, flower pots and art pieces on the shelf. For a contemporary look, you need to drop all this décor, rather use any one of all these. A single indoor plant pot on the window or an antique kettle on table would do all that is needed.

    Accents and lighting

    All the modern kitchens have one thing in common which is a dining area. The expert designers of today can incorporate a dining area into any type of kitchen. For this area, choose sleek bar stools and industrial style dining tables. Lighting should also be chosen smartly. Unlike the traditional lighting system, go for accent lights highlighting particular areas.

    A modern kitchen is sleek, minimalistic and of course easy to clean. By choosing your kitchen accessories, tiles, kitchen taps and lighting accents smartly, you can render a contemporary tone to your cooking area.