• 29th June 2016

    Latest Bathroom Basins & Wall Stands For Ultra Modern Bathrooms

    A bathroom is your own personal space in your edifice. You might choose a bright and colorful theme for the rest of your home, but this area has to be serene and snug to render a peaceful experience. The ultimate formula for a modern bathroom is using uniquely shaped sleek fittings and minimal colors. Though, it doesn’t mean that you should underestimate the designing of this area or go for dull colors. There are enormous ideas that you may use in your bathroom to get a unique and sophisticated look. Here are a few ways you may go about planning your bathroom interiors:


    • The most popular approach of times – minimalistic approach

    Simple and composed looks can merge well with any kind of surroundings. It is the way most of the modern home owners want it to be. Clutter free bathrooms create a better impression than overly designed messy models. For this look, you may incorporate sleek wall fitted toilet basins, glass shower enclosures and vanity basins in your bathroom interiors. Wall hung bathroom basins and wall stands with a unique shape can give an ultra modern look to your bathroom. Using these solutions, altogether, will mean that you will get maximum floor clearance, giving your bathroom a spacious look. Such solutions make it really easy to clean and maintain these areas.


    • For those who want to feel close to nature – the green approach

    If you are a lover of nature but live in a city that is far away from the foliage, here are a few small tactics using which you may feel closer to greenery and have a refreshing bathing experience. Go for a green theme. Though, white is the first choice for bathroom interiors; yet a few shades of green will just add a fresh feel while still doing justice to the sophisticated looks. If not much, a bathtub with a light shade of green will look as good. Another way of bringing the outdoors to the indoors is to place a few decorative plants in the area. An earthen pot will just add to the feel.


    • The Zen inspired bathroom – From Japan

    A Zen inspired bathroom design is a plan that strikes a balance between the five elements which are fire, earth, water, sky and wind. Here are some ideas and simple tips for the same – you may go for stone bathroom basins and wall stands made of copper; go for carved stone style wall tiles; add bamboo laminate countertops; incorporate wood in your bathroom area by placing a teak stool adjacent to the tub.


    These are a few ideas for getting an ultra modern bathroom designed for your home. Give your bathing area an impressive and comforting look that it deserves and get the most refreshing experience for your senses. For the most stylish and dependable long term performing plumbing and bathroom solutions, visit www.olympicbathrooms.co.uk. For any kind of assistance regarding bathrooms fittings, you may give us a call at 020 8423 4040.