Mixer Showers

Mixer Showers

To let you adjust the water temperature in the most precise manner, we have a vast choice of mixer showers. These showers are designed to perfectly suit today’s contemporary bathroom interiors and satisfy the needs and moods of the user.

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  • Crosswater Elite Cool Touch

  • Mira Mixer Shower Excel Exposed

  • Crosswater Square SQ Multifunction

  • Crosswater Curve Cool Touch Thermostatic Shower

  • Mira Discovery Concentric BIV

  • Mira Calibre ER Mixer Shower

  • Mira Atom ERD Mixer Shower

  • Mira Infuse EV Mixer Shower

  • Mira Minilite BIV Mixer Shower

  • Mira Thermostatic BSM Mixer Shower Excel


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