Kitchen Taps

Kitchen Taps

We have a wide range of kitchen taps to attend to every type of user requirement. Highly durable and easy to operate, these taps are designed to offer a prolonged heavy-duty service. Our kitchen taps designs will blend well in a traditional kitchen as well as a high-tech contemporary one.

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  • Reyna Single Lever

  • Salvador Kitchen Mixer

  • Inca Kitchen Mixer

  • Alfa Kitchen Sink

  • Tre Mercati Chrome Capri lever bib tap

  • Grohe Blue Mono starter kit

  • Tre Mercati Marco Mocca Dual Flow

  • Tre Mercati Special Economy Mocca

  • Tre Mercati Capri Lever Pair Of High Neck

  • Tre Mercati Capri Non Concussive Pair

  • Tre Mercati French Classic Pewter Plated Mono


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